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Key Milestones
  Milestones Year
  Company started introducing poplar clones for field testing 1968
  Started growing poplar nurseries for supplying plants to the farmers 1975-76
  Agroforestry Division an extension arm of Wimco was created to develop poplar nurseries and plantations 1977
  Wimco Seedlings Ltd. a subsidiary of Wimco Ltd., Swedish Match, Hilleshog set up. Focused research initiated on eucalypts, poplar, nursery technology etc. 1984
  Eucalypts improvement program initiated. First cloning of eucalypts developed in India and reported in the Indian Forester. 1986
  Three poplar clones viz., Udai, Kranti and Bahar developed in Wimco Seedlings ltd. and released for field planting. 1992
  Direct cash sale of poplar ETPs started on termination of bank funding scheme 1995
  Six new clones viz., WSL 22, WSL 27, WSL A/26, WSL 32, WSL 39, WSL A/49 developed in Wimco Seedlings Ltd. released for field planting 1998
  Wimco Ltd. taken over by The Russell Credit Ltd. , ITC 2005
  Wimco Seedlings Ltd. merged with Wimco Ltd. and started functioning as one of its divisions 2007
  Six new poplar clones viz., Wimco 62, Wimco 81, Wimco 83, Wimco 108, Wimco 109 and Wimco 110 developed and released for field planting 2009

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