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Price list

The price list of the Wimco's plants for this year is:

Tree/Crop Type of Plant Rate (Rs./Plant)
Poplar All clones Rs. 22 till, 30th June 2015
Eucalypts(safeda) All clones
Eucalypts in P.bags All clones 9,10,15 (Size based)
Eucalypts(safeda) Seedling
Citridora(collector) Seedling 10 
Grandis eucalypts Seedling 10 
Kadam All clones 10 
Kadam & Bamboo Seedling 10 
Teak Seedling 10 
Upgraded Eucalypts Seed All species 10000/Kg 

  • The rates are our ex-nurseries.
  • Price list for other than poplar ETPS is ex-Bagwala, Rudrapur.
  • Booking is made on first come first serve basis in case of limited stock in some species.
  • Plants supplied with root trainers will cost Rs. 1/plant extra

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